SEO:What’s The Catch!

What is SEO? Have you come across the term? Are you new to Internet Marketing? If so you may have wondered what the heck it stands for. I know I have. I began to see the word time and time again when I first begin to look at Internet Marketing as a way to make money online.  In this brief article, I would like to give you the basics of SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization and the reason why it is so important to anyone doing business online.

The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization basically focuses around keyword research. You’ve probably heard how important keyword research is to driving traffic to your website and here’s why. In order to drive your website to the top of the page rankings, you have to use the right keywords and ultimately these keywords will drive the right traffic to your site in order for you to get sales. It’s important to place your keywords in strategic places throughout your site. Try putting keywords in your title tag of your post or webpage’s. Also, try to put them within the article/post about 3-6 times

Two Terms You Need To Know:

1)       On page optimization

2)      Off page optimization

On page optimization refers to things that you can do on your web page to better promote traffic to your site. An example would be keyword research, putting links in your articles optimizing your title tags, headlines, sub headlines within your article.

Off page optimization refers to things that you can do off your webpage to drive your page rankings and increase targeted visitor traffic to your website. An example of this would be building back links. The term back link basically happens when a link from another site links to your site. Back links are another way to build your sites search popularity. This can be done by using social bookmarking sites. Two such sites are Social Marker and Only Wire. Once set up, these sites will generally send your article to multiple sites with the click of your mouse.

SEO is very important to any successful internet business.  Blending the right mix of on page and off page optimization should drive your SEO search rankings to the top.

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