Personal Bio

Angela Bullock is an Internet Marketer who specializes in affiliate and product marketing. She has been in the business now for four years. It started out as a hobby, but in the last year it has become her passion. She has written several product reviews on various products. Her main goal in life is to be 100% financially free and the goal of her blog is to help others become financially free. There’s  nothing better than being able to spend quality time with family and friends. She enjoys writing, traveling and sports. Her favorite travel spot is Aruba. She loves the white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, the warm weather and the constant breeze.

In the past Angela has been a youth basketball and soccer coach.  She loves to workout and also loves cycling. She also loves to learn new things, so you will always see her with a book in hand. One of her favorite books is “The 4- Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss.

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